In pictures: how to transform her wedding dress after the ceremony?


Delicate lace, noble materials, tailored cut … Our wedding dress, we dreamed. But once past the ceremony, what can we do? Interview with the creator Elodie Courtat.

Is it possible to transform her wedding dress into a holding "daily"?


Yes, it is possible … if the question was anticipated! Indeed, it would almost at the time of purchase, the customer can already imagine how it will be able to reuse its regalia. But then, with a little technique and some ideas, you can easily transform a formal dress wedding dress, for example.


Some technical details are however quite difficult to "catch up": for example, a train can not really be customized because we risk ending up with an imbalance between the "before" and "behind". The best part is held in two parts: a skirt (with a petticoat, if necessary) and a top.


To transform a wedding dress in uniform "everyday", we must leverage the right accessories and the right associations. For example, a white lace top can be worn with black pants and leather boots for a rock look. Or with a full skirt, jeans, large gold bracelets … The idea is to break the "wedding" side of the room. Think also of dyes!


Obviously, if you want to reuse your outfit after the ceremony, we need the fabric and the construction is of good quality. If you bought your dress on sale on a Chinese website, it’s not worth the shot. Ideally, make your dress made by a professional seamstress who will advise you about the second life of your "precious" …


Now comes the most romantic time of the year

Not a gift for the male or female partner? How about trying to get on your knees in front of the Christmas tree? You’re not the only person. According to a new study Christmas is the time when most marriage proposals are made.


The holiday season is not only comfortable, but according to a new study also extremely romantic. More and more engagement rings end up under the Christmas tree. This is the conclusion a Facebook study.

Last year, 2.6 million American fiance Facebook users, the average age is 24. 30 per cent of these applications were made in November and December.

By far the most popular date for a marriage proposal is the Christmas Eve, closely followed by the Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Only in fourth place comes the Valentine’s Day.

Two benefits are there for a Christmas application. For those who have not found a gift, an engagement ring can serve as such. In addition, remains after the engagement still plenty of time to plan a summer wedding.

Then there is the magic of the holidays: "Christmas is a magical time for two reasons: because of family and romance. Both together gives a perfect combination for applications. Therefore make engagement plans in the winter months, meaning, "says wedding planner Sandy Moretta the" Huffington Post ".

The result of the study is helpful for marketing concepts. Newly engaged couple and their parents look on Facebook Ads more often for Wedding Products. This is even gender-defined. Women look so offers of wedding venues, florists, wedding dresses and invitation cards. For men there advertisements for lighting concepts, new cocktail creations and music.

Even Sub men of marriageable age to see this time increased acquisitions of jewelers with a selection of engagement rings on their Facebook page.

A brand of wedding dresses to choose a muse “large”

The mark of David’s Bridal Wedding Dresses has chosen a muse "larger sizes" for its new advertising campaign.

For its advertising campaign in spring 2016, David’s Bridal brand chose a muse "large" values ​​to set its models dress(wedding dresses australia) and wedding accessories. This is the beautiful Mercy Watson representing the brand, whose poetic and festive pictures have already been disclosed.



The credo of the brand is to ensure that all married the most beautiful feel for this important day in their lives, and that regardless of their body measurements.

Trevor Lunn, one of communicators David’s Bridal, told BuzzFeed that this choice was quite logical, given that the average size of his clients were around the 42 (which is not a ‘large’ c ‘ is just more representative of most women a dress worn by a model was a 34).


This is already the second advertising campaign in which David’s Bridal showcases an emerging model a little beauty standards imposed in the trade, and it feels good!

Where to find a wedding dress for pregnant woman?


Find a beautiful wedding dress when we are pregnant is not so impossible that we can think. Proof with our selection to wed even before birth.

The wedding dress for pregnant woman: an outfit for two


Without trying to hide your tummy at all costs, avoid certain forms of wedding dress unsuitable to your current morphology: the marked sizes, ruffles, ribbons and dresses with flouncy Sissi. Prefer fluid shapes, sizes or high style dresses "Empire" marked below the chest. Graze without casting with light materials: organza, chiffon, cotton. Invest in a good bra to your new size and wide straps to prevent marks.


Question color even set: simplicity. Although the flowers are trendy, beware of taking too full effects. Rather Play with accessories: a hat or a pair of gloves.

Listed bridal shoes, do not go perch on pumps or heels that accentuate pain in the kidneys. Your center of gravity has shifted and your ligaments are more flexible during pregnancy. Also avoid mules take the wrong foot. Light canvas shoes with kitten heels but not too flat, not the arch collapses, will suit perfectly.

A married woman pregnant custom dress?


The main challenge is to anticipate the size and shape that will take your body during these months. Purchased as late as possible, by providing broad, you can treat yourself to a traditional flowing dress (chiffon or organza for example).


Ideally, for a unique dress(garden wedding dresses) and perfectly fit your anatomy, is to provide the measure. Some designers propose a model "Special pregnant women" whose final assembly is done at the last moment. Others will realize all your dreams by adapting many of their models. It takes at least four fittings. Final adjustments take place one or two weeks before the big day

A beautiful future mom … and a bride


For the big day, put your new assets worth: your neck, your arms and legs if they remained thin. Under the action of hormones, your hair has never been so beautiful, enjoy it. Nothing also prevents you from cheating a bit with the hairstyle or makeup bride. Degraded or more wisps in a bun waterfall lengthen the face. A dull complexion and gold will make you look thinner. Finally, stretch your blush at the temples rather than the cheekbones, ask eyeshadow V, not a halo not eyebrows.

Last tip: sweating is accentuated during pregnancy. Always have on hand a fogger, prefer natural materials such as cotton or linen, and at the last moment and especially breathe: everything will be fine.

Carmentea sold his clothes: the proceeds to the RSU Ies

Elegance and solidarity come together, fashion and smiles go hand in hand. The Rechigi took place the event "Paloma - In the eyes of the beholder"


MANTUA. Elegance and solidarity come together, fashion and smiles go hand in hand. Rechigi Hotel took place the event "Paloma - In the eyes of the beholder" organized by Carmentea Tsaparopulos, 28-year old designer of Borgo Virgilio which is auctioning some clothes: the proceeds will be donated to the RSU IES or, if they were to be approved, the plans of re-industrialization of the refinery.

Carmentea four years ago he lost his father Vassilis, who worked for IES, who died in a car accident while he was reaching the parent company in Budapest. The young designer for the evening yesterday had created long dresses with soft skirts, palazzo pants and cocktail dresses. The cut is perfect for gala dinners, ceremonies or simply for a romantic evening. The dance between the iridescent colors - suitable for weddings - and the pastel - more suitable for daytime receptions.

Rechigi to the designer has received compliments from representatives of industry and business Mantua, as well as the dozens of people who came to admire the clothes created to help workers of the refinery.

Arzachena: wedding dresses on display with “Cuiuati old and us”


The arzachenesi have not spared when the association Noah’s Ark has asked them to put into play one of the best memories of youth: the ‘dress of the best day par excellence, the wedding.

Crinolines, taffeta, chiffon and lace(lace wedding dresses) invaded the exhibition conceived by Antonella Mumps and Bastienne Pianu ongoing Garibaldi starring the white witnesses of the last sixty years of fashion history.

Event created to play, "Cuiuati Vecchj and we" borrowed its title from a classic dialect auspicious and put on the plate the stories of many couples, excited to see, for the first time since that fateful away day, the symbols of their promised love.

Each week ’s exposure changes: now it is the turn of those colorful, immediately after touch coupled to mother and daughter. But the clothes will soon leave for Dummies remove all municipal auditorium closing of exposure.

Fifty models on the grass were recruited to recall the evolution of the style that has changed significantly cuts, fabrics and colors over time and crisis.

The rigor of the 50s, the soft lines of 60, 70 in the free expression, the rich puffs 80s, the bright colors of the lines 90 to the minimal-chic typical of the new century. White, ivory, red or black, with a veil or not, from now on "Cuiuati Vecchj and us" promises to brides and dresses(bridal dresses) a second chance in the spotlight.

L ‘exhibition is open every night from 17 to 19, excluding Sundays.

Sam Worthington married in secret: His beloved Lara gives details …

Top, mother of a little boy with the star of Avatar, has confirmed his marriage with Australian actor.


2014 was therefore a nice big year for Sam Worthington, 39, and his girlfriend supermodel, Lara Bingle. Not content with having initiated a first child together (a small boy named Rocket Zot, born in March 2015), the couple is well and truly married(lace wedding dresses) in great secrecy at the end of the year.


Rumor had swollen December 30, 2014, when the beautiful blonde changed his identity on his Instagram account, becoming Lara Bingle Worthington. Between this change and the presence of a ring, the reality of marriage was no longer any doubt. Yet neither had confirmed interested, personally or through a press officer, the happy news.

This is Lara who ended up making a confession, almost a year after convolé the knot with the star of Avatar. Guest of Kyle and Jackie O radio show, the young mother gave the details of the marriage secret. It took place December 28, 2014, Australia. "It was very intimate, she says, visibly blossomed. We just were in Melbourne, where Sam’s family is from, and we were less than ten people." The couple had rented a house for the wedding, where he exchanged vows written by hand, before sitting down time for a homemade lunch.


The bride also told his galleys to find the perfect wedding dress, she who was six months pregnant. It will eventually wear a Louis Vuitton dress. Former Australian reality TV star also revealed her actor husband and she wanted four children and she felt safe with his companion (the least muscular, it is true).

As for Sam Worthington, which is rare on the screens in recent months, he prepares a thunderous return. Australian actor born in Britain was recently seen in Cake and Everest, secondary roles while we awaited the three suites of Avatar. It also rotates The Shack, a drama with Radha Mitchell and Octavia Spencer as well as the highly anticipated Hacksaw Ridge, a war movie directed by Mel Gibson with Andrew Garfield and Teresa Palmer. In addition, it also announced the casting of SF The Titan project, in which it should give the reply to the Frenchie Sofia Boutella (Kingsman).


Mori Lee wedding dresses 2016 collection


In the collection of wedding dresses 2016 Mori Lee wedding there are many creations of exquisite style and opulent. The brand caters to all women who want their wedding day to shine and stand out at all costs, focusing on the look of a queen, made of crystals, beads and sensational lace inserts and embroidered details that do not go unnoticed. In addition to classic white models, there is also room for a proposal declined it in a candy pink, light and just mentioned, and some element of silver. Are you curious to find out more about the collection Mori Lee wedding 2016?



The models that dominate this bridal collection are certainly those from the line mermaid. We are talking, then, the fabulous and sensual mermaid wedding dresses, that they reshape the silhouette trying to show off the physical, highlighting the waist, hips and even the seat. There are different kinds, from those with a heart strapless bodices to the creations featuring various straps, ranging from very thin, lingerie model, to the larger ones to the long sleeves or three-quarters, elegantly decorated with floral lace inserts . Very beautiful also the yoke stretch tulle, some of which are embellished with crystals and beads, which create a nude effect and precious at the same time.



In the collection there is also space many princely wedding dresses, or those with the skirt wider and important, many with scalloped lace edging. Those with jeweled belts at the waist to the most classic but evergreen, these models conquer the vast majority of women, who dream has always been a big wedding. Some of these proposals are also characterized by beautiful bare backs completely while others are characterized by the effect tattoo.




Also very beautiful dresses with skirts made of organza layers, for those who want something more moving, cheeky and modern.



Finally, we made mention of the use of color and, in fact, there are several wedding dresses 2016 pink designer Mori Lee. The brand did not want to overdo this color, especially using a variant candy very light, that on clothes presented so nuanced. If you look, then, something romantic and not too classic, you could rely on the elegance of rose slightly, to show off a look far from clear. In our gallery you can see all the wedding dresses Mori Lee 2016: do not miss the opportunity to browse the entire catalog wedding.





Wedding speech: five ideas to inspire you if you’re family

You are responsible for writing the wedding speech of a member of your family, but you sorely miss inspiration? We offer five ideas to inspire you!


Be inspired by the lives of married

To begin your speech, why not be inspired by the lives of married(cheap wedding dress)? You who know them well, you can for example recall a story from their childhood or a nickname given to one or the other when he or she was younger. But beware: stay sober, the objective is certainly not to humiliate married on this great day!

Tracing the family history

Enjoy your relationship to inspire family history. To do this, try to find a common point between all the women of the family (a husband whose name always starts with an R, for example), or refer to a trait characteristic common to all family members (" Like all Dupont, Marie is a little rebellious / always late / extremely shy … ").

Write a song

If you do not see how to start your wedding speech, press-on letters married surnames to write a funny song. Then find an adjective, a hobby or a story beginning with each letter. A bit childish, but really handy if you lack inspiration!

Discuss your particular link

And if the wedding(bridesmaids dresses online) speech was an opportunity for you to tell your sister, your cousin or your aunt how he or she matters to you? Nothing prevents you from writing your wedding speech as a personal letter that begins "Dear / Dear …" and in which you let your heart. Married will certainly be affected by that statement!

Involve the whole family

Your family is scattered across the globe, and everyone will not the party? Be original and create a collective discourse on video! Shoot each family member for a few seconds, the time for everyone to go to married his vows, and perform editing to broadcast the day J. Emotions guaranteed!

Wedding dresses trend 90’s


While the trend is to Nineties, the little white dress with thin straps never ceases to make his return to the catwalks of Fashion Week spring-summer 2016. sleek silhouettes, flirting with lingerie, reminiscent dresses(wedding dresses australia) Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wedding and Cindy Crawford or pristine outfits Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in the 90’s. The opportunity for to unveil the finest vintage models, but also the season to find inspiration.

The marriage of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Kennedy and John Kennedy Jr


Karen Mulder at Versace Spring-Summer 1993 fashion show


Kate Moss in the evening of CFDA in 1995


The wedding of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber


Kate Moss Gala Met Ball 1995


The best Bridal Week Fall 2016
The white dresses Fashion Week spring-summer 2016