Wedding Dresses Ronald Joyce 2016: Collection

Do you want to see every one of the wedding dresses 2016 Ronald Joyce? For attentive to the entire collection.
2016 Collection Wedding Dresses Ronald Joyce is entirely focused on the expressive grace of white hue British firm has adapted to any shape and silhouette, in its proposals.
The bridal collection includes models Ronald Joyce for everyone, [...]

An elegant wedding in Badajoz

Juanma dew and met nearly 13 years ago during a meal in which they attended with their parents. Although that day Juanma spared no dew, she was completely in love with him. Not stop until he got him at his side, he says. And since then they have not separated. After waiting nearly nine years, [...]

Chauny: classic wedding, simple, fun and without limit?

The Wedding Fair, which recorded nearly 350entrées over two days, allowed couples to obtain valuable information before celebrating their union in one form or another …
Getting married is obviously a strong act for most lovers, but it may also be a "simple regularization" for others. There are various ways of preparing a wedding. We have [...]

Letizia is wrong with the black and white combination in his first appearance of 2016

VI Felipe and Princess Letizia have chaired this morning the Military Kings Easter like every year. It was the first day of the new year 2016 in which we saw Letizia and, frankly, did not call too much attention betting on such a classic combination as dull. I hope that, little by little, go surprising [...]

Look of Kristen Stewart: Still sexy mini dress Chanel in New York!

Kristen Stewart not idle! After being honored, the former Twilight star visited the National Board of Review Awards Gala 2016 in New York. For the occasion, the beautiful brunette was even more sexy Chanel. Check out her outfit!
Kristen Stewart continues his marathon fashionista! Even if it is with the poster of any movie, the former [...]

Rose Wedding Cakes: The most romantic

Do you love roses wedding cakes? We show you the most romantic for you to choose the best for your wedding.
Roses wedding cakes are a real Achilles heel for modern brides(bridal dress), especially for those who want to surround themselves with romantic ornaments and bon ton. The field of wedding cakes today offers a wide [...]

Saved for 28 years, mother of the bride dress out of the trunk daughter to go to the altar

Family chest, saved the city of Araçatuba, São Paulo, the wedding dress worn 28 years ago gained new life in Campo Grande, in the continuation of the love story of Assisi Sartori. Presented by the aunt and grandmother, the dress took the mother to the altar was lying in bed for Kayth, the daughter, knew. [...]

Bridesmaid or godmother? Tips to hit your look

Your best friend is getting married and you do not know what to wear … Sound familiar? It happened to us all sometime. The renowned Spanish designer Matilde Cano leaves us tips to get divine without dying in the attempt.
Mom, sister or friend of the groom or the bride? Attending a wedding and discern the [...]

Long dresses trendiest and glamorous New Year’s Eve

The ‘long dress for New Year’s Eve will transform you, at least for a few hours, a femme fatale bright.
To shine more of the Christmas lights and possibly rout (with subtle pleasure) any direct competitor, the long evening dresses, everything sparkles, could become the best weapon to impose itself, between a dizzying neckline and a [...]

A wedding in the center of Madrid

Carmen and Jorge met over ten years ago when both were studying a medical career. Although from the beginning they were together in class, it was not until after completing empowered when they started out. The betrothal was in a beautiful cove of Ibiza, where every year trying to escape to remember that special moment. [...]