An elegant wedding in Badajoz

Juanma dew and met nearly 13 years ago during a meal in which they attended with their parents. Although that day Juanma spared no dew, she was completely in love with him. Not stop until he got him at his side, he says. And since then they have not separated. After waiting nearly nine years, fate finally made coincide in the same city in order to fulfill the dream of their lives, marry and continue together with their relationship. His was a very CITIZE and many details wedding. They wanted everything to be perfect and unforgettable, for them and for all attendees. You want to know more? We crashed at her wedding.

The couple

For her big day, Rocio chose a dress designed by Roberto Diz in his atelier in Seville. It was very clear that her wedding dress(cheap wedding dresses online) would be sober and simple, but with a special touch that made different. And who better than him. Roberto knew instantly capture your preferences and design love you. It was a reflection of his personality. Bridal shoes, were a model of Uniqshoes pastel color.


For the bridal bouquet, I wanted something very romantic and soft lines. She herself chose the flowers and the fabric that held the bouquet. Clothing Amparo Blanco, one of the most famous florists of Azuaga, Badajoz was commissioned. As unique jewelry, he took the engagement ring he gave Juanma parents, a gift pearl earrings and bracelet his mother gave him to her grandmother in your request. Although at the last moment he could not wear it because the nerves of the moment, the clasp broke.

Hair and makeup Irene Taviel de Andrade was responsible. She captured the simplicity of Rocio quickly and in just a moment proposed the perfect look: a classic bass collected and a very neutral makeup. To complement the hairstyle, she wore a headdress of Suma Cruz. The girls team of Suma Cruz helped a lot with the election since, having regard to the design of the dress, the headdress was what was less clear. I did not want excess reload the bridal outfit and they fully matched with the final choice.
The groom, meanwhile, chose a dress designed and made to measure by Spaniard Pedro del Hierro atelier of shoes and shirt factory.

The ceremony

Juanma dew and were married in the parish of Our Lady of Consolation Azuaga, Extremadura. A church with a lot of meaning for themselves and their families. Also, being so close to their homes, the way it did walking accompanied by the townspeople.


To liven up the ceremony, they had the Municipal Choir of Azuaga accompanied by a piano and a violin. One of the most exciting moments was the entrance of the bride, with the song I’m going to die of so much love, Alberto Iglesias, but undoubtedly the most emotional, reading thanks to the couple spent all family and friends.

The cocktail, banquet and party

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and everyone at the link moved to Medina Bodegas de Zafra. A very charming place, with green areas and lounges keep the essence of their origins. Sayca took care of catering, delighted with the varied dishes of quality. We were clear from the beginning that we wanted a long cocktail(long cocktail dresses), which was special and different at the same time and give importance to this while the guests living more informal and direct way with us. It tells the bride.


Decoration grooms themselves, who wanted to partake of every detail and time, and the team of Bodegas Medina, who captured perfectly the idea they had were commissioned: a wedding full of details, with very romantic air and where all the world feel comfortable. There were many charming corners, from wooden stalls simulating a market to a fun table where guests could take snapshots to leave in the guest book.


Juanma opened dew and dancing with Andres Calamaro version’ll be blown away by your love. The lyrics of the song has a lot of meaning for them because in some way describes their feelings. After dancing with sponsors, danced version of Celine Dion I Drove All Night, we gave everything on the dance floor! After the dance, Planet 80 group took charge of music at the open bar.

To immortalize this day, the couple told the photographers Alejandra Ortiz and Ana Cayuela Encabo and Videos, responsible for video production. They decided on Alejandra and Ana from the outset that met. His work fascinated them and also their treatment and closeness. We are extremely happy with their work, they are pure charm and joy. Regarding the video, they followed very attentive the work of Santiago Cayuela and his team, they loved it. Totally different and with so much emotion that you moved to each of the moments of the wedding day videos. The result is simply stunning.

Theirs was a marriage full of details and special moments. That day we live an emotion that can not be described with words. All irradiábamos happiness. Juanma and I were immensely grateful for each of the people who was there with us. We wanted to enjoy every moment and we got it in spades.

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