Chauny: classic wedding, simple, fun and without limit?

The Wedding Fair, which recorded nearly 350entrées over two days, allowed couples to obtain valuable information before celebrating their union in one form or another …


Getting married is obviously a strong act for most lovers, but it may also be a "simple regularization" for others. There are various ways of preparing a wedding. We have selected four with the help of exhibitors, Saturday and Sunday at the hall of Chauny.

The most classic


"This is a wedding with fifty guests," said a reporter and photographer. Assuming that it takes "about 100 euros per person," so be able to get out at least a "Note" of 5000 euros. There are options to remember.

"According to the budget of each other, champagne, which remains a key can be taken from the dessert wine of honor, or only at the time of cake," says Marchand Delpech home-Laborie, located in the south department. Similarly, couples are forced to make choices for invitations, decorating the room, the menu, the provision of the professional photographer. "For photos, it can go from 500 to 2000 euros. Everything then depends on what the couple want, "said a regular shots.


Top tip is to have in his entourage, someone who can ensure mission. "We, we already know that the animation of our marriage will be handled by my father. This is already something gained "and says Laura, Chauny.

The Simplest


"It’s been almost twenty years since we live together. It would not bother me to marry just two witnesses. It’s more an adjustment than anything else, "says Pascale eg, mother of two children. This formula is the simplest and least expensive.


"That’s the point of putting so much money for a single day," often argue proponents of this express union. A wedding dress "from 150 euros," alliances "from 79 euros," some fresh here and there and voila. If there are few guests, the wine reception and / or the meal may very well be at home married. This certainly back memories to some …

The more fun


For some, "it arrived by carriage to the town hall and the church"; for others "is to find oneself in an old car." Didier Parise, known as jeweler Chauny and organizer of the Wedding Fair on behalf of the Association of artisans and merchants, is also regularly asked. He, the collector become rare models, transforms into private chauffeur married. "It’s something that appeals. "

The "fun" side, choose a specific theme, linked to the passion of lovebirds. "The theme unions are becoming more frequent. Therefore, wedding dresses are customized for sticking to their tastes, "says Chantal Godain, head of an installed shop" for forty years in Laon. "

The most expensive


So there is no limit. It’s sparkling bubbles at will, "decorations" at the top, ready-to-wear chic … "I can propose alliances to 11,500 euros each, decorated with diamonds all around," says Didier Parise. For the wedding dress, "our most prestigious model is 14,500 euros." Not bad. The price of the menu can also reach record, not to mention all the perks …



As always, the amateur fashion show Wedding Dresses(wedding dresses sydney) constituted at the level of activities, the highlight of the Wedding Fair. "For us, it’s always a bit special moment when one is accustomed to scrolling. There is a princess side that is not unpleasant, "confided Pauline. A sentiment shared by all the girls.

The parade had a special resonance for Vanessa who found herself on stage with his daughter Lilou. From its 3 years, the latter showed some confidence that has been stressed by applause, the audience. This is not all: for the first time, her husband Stevens got caught in the game "I must admit I was a little nervous.. But it’s also a pride parade with his wife and daughter. "This beautiful memory for this family based in Vendeuil was immortalized by Ethan, son. "He preferred to take pictures rather than being on stage. "


The parade was also a first for Jeff, 14. Probably a little stressed, he did well. It must be said that this exercise is not completely foreign to him because his sister, Pauline, continues this kind of benefit for four years. She has not found the arms of his brother, but that does not stop her to give him some advice.

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