Saved for 28 years, mother of the bride dress out of the trunk daughter to go to the altar


Family chest, saved the city of Araçatuba, São Paulo, the wedding dress worn 28 years ago gained new life in Campo Grande, in the continuation of the love story of Assisi Sartori. Presented by the aunt and grandmother, the dress took the mother to the altar was lying in bed for Kayth, the daughter, knew. It was love at first sight and in late November was what she used to say "yes".

Kayth is a law student and now husband met at networking site "Badoo". Access it on the network was out of curiosity and to laugh. But it was he who took her to Bruno. Born in São Paulo, the two went through Mato Grosso to dwell in Dourados, a city where they married.

She moved into the state to accompany the brother who was already college here. The first live contact took months, time in which they spoke for messages. Applications, both dating, the marriage did not follow exactly a protocol. After she brought a Burger King sandwich a visit to Ponta Pora, heard of Bruno, "With this, I had to ask her to dating." The answer was not immediate and she asked for a week to think.


In November 2014, in the first year of dating, she said she might have to return to Cuiaba, because the brother would return and she would not be alone. Heard in the middle of the night, it would be up to her to choose the date the next morning.

"I think he will forget, nor will remember this the other day I asked:.? You remember what you told me yesterday he said, then you marry He remembered everything and said ‘can choose the date’?" account Kayth Macleoud Sartori, 20.

Within the wedding plans, the young man had already designed the wedding dress he wanted for himself. And between April and May this year, she was surprised by her grandmother and aunt of the groom. "The aunt of my husband took the hidden dressed, washed in Campo Grande and told me he had an idea. The minute I walked in and saw the dress on the bed and she said experience, I fell in love instantly. The aunt said ‘era your mother in law’".

The only thing changed was dressed in a belt of pearls. The posts used by Claudinéia, mother in law, had been taken earlier. "The rest I used everything. And no one knew at any moment. I was hiding all year. When they asked me, I would send photo of another dress," says the bride.

It took only slightly adjust the skirt, putting an extra tulle and more. The groom knew the dress and Kayth reinforced asking that he was not behind the mother’s old photos, that indeed was a surprise. The bride was free to choose the dress, aunt and grandmother made sure to stress that it would only use if it were the will of her own.


"I cried a lot because it was a responsibility and I was afraid she does not like. It was the wedding dress(mermaid wedding dresses), it was not anyone who could pick up and use," recalls the young. When Kayth came with her father through the door of the church, he saw the mother almost fainted.

"She was shaking so badly. She fell aside so emotional and she was right on the edge, so at first I was not seeing me," describes Kayth. The bride spent the whole time trying to find the eyes of the mother. They knew they would be teary. "When I arrived in the middle of the church, I saw that she was crying …"

Claudinéia reveals that still searches for words to describe what he felt, such sensitivity dressed by the daughter. "I recognized when she was entering, I told my husband and my sister: but my dress and started crying," said Sartori Claudinéia of Assisi, 51.

The mother tried to hold back tears, but could not and did not want to. "It was a thrill I never felt so in my life. I did not expect the gesture she made was a great affection and gratitude," he explains. Claudinéia did not know that the dress had left chest. In the church, the family remembered her dress. "Everyone asked me, but it was not her dress was yes … 28 years …?"

By the time Claudinéia was the bride, chose the model like the retro style. He withdrew that of a French magazine, all income. "I said, you married what she really wanted She told me it was what she wanted most in life because I wanted to have a life like ours, 28 years of serenity was something she really wanted, she chose and who came?.. chest ".



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