Bridesmaid or godmother? Tips to hit your look


Your best friend is getting married and you do not know what to wear … Sound familiar? It happened to us all sometime. The renowned Spanish designer Matilde Cano leaves us tips to get divine without dying in the attempt.


Mom, sister or friend of the groom or the bride? Attending a wedding and discern the look is a challenge … That sometimes we do not know how to overcome. What is the ideal length skirt? And the right colors? There are many questions we ask when choosing. "Although the protocol is imposed, the first premise is true to our liking. Only in this way desprenderemos the aura of security, essential for elegant ourselves, "he explained Entremujeres the renowned Spanish designer Matilde Cano.

Some tips


-For A wedding day and in the field. The expert recommends without stilettos heels (yes, yes, we promise you can!) And opt for flat sandals. At these events, the ideal is to change the more floaty dress(formal dresses) skinny models. "The unwritten rule remind us that, in the morning, we should not use a length that exceeds the knees, but for a country wedding key skirt to the ankles or light dress is an impeccable choice. As for prints, flowers perfectly accompany this look, "says Cano.


-For A classic wedding. In these cases, it is best to go for neutral tones and away from the fluorine and excesses, and, most importantly, never wear white or total black as allies. The complements? Welcome to the world of headgear, gloves and purses hand: they mark the stamp of our character. Important: we must respect long. We can play with miniskirts, however, we should try not to exceed the extent of the knee, if the marriage is in the morning. Inside the church, keep your shoulders covered. Quiet! The options do not end with the shawl. The designer suggests: "A shawl or a male American can perform this function with distinction. Wink: 20s tread with force. "


-For A lavish wedding. In such event, the black and white are accepted, even better together. All lengths are also valid. And the tacos, the more infinitely better. "Of course, we must always lookearse according to our age and physique. The high waists create endless legs and tight dresses(evening dresses) can make a dramatic silhouette, but eye! do not let them become our enemy, "says Matilde.


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