Wedding Dresses Ronald Joyce 2016: Collection

Do you want to see every one of the wedding dresses 2016 Ronald Joyce? For attentive to the entire collection.


2016 Collection Wedding Dresses Ronald Joyce is entirely focused on the expressive grace of white hue British firm has adapted to any shape and silhouette, in its proposals.

The bridal collection includes models Ronald Joyce for everyone, dresses with wide and voluminous skirts, and tight creations or siren cut dresses with modern silhouettes and many other innovations that you can not miss.

Ronald Joyce, the most classic models


The lace wedding dresses are preferred by many women, symbol of femininity delicate and romantic past. Not surprising, therefore, that the firm has included a rich line of dresses like this in your collection for this year. Wedding dresses with full skirts are held with cancans tulle pleated surface also in tulle, organza and lace, but also present in smooth silk. In the images of our gallery you can find versions with strapless neckline heart-shaped, and others with short sleeves or midi completely covered with embroidered lace, getting a tattoo effect.



Most striking are the mermaid wedding dresses cut, models designed to revalue the more linear silhouettes.

Ronald Joyce proposes dresses with tails that depart from the knees or even lower, jewelry decorated with belts at the waist with bateau neckline and lace along the back.

Ronald Joyce Modern Wedding Dresses cut



Not lacking among the proposed signature modern creations, following the trends of the season, starting with colorful dresses. Among the most romantic dresses 2016 bride roses, romantic Ronald Joyce models have a prominent position, wearing large pleated skirts with belts and contrast details along the entire model.



There is also room for more unique creations, like a bustier with jewelry, complete with a structured skirt through ruffles and layers. The Empire style wedding dresses are enriched with beautiful decorations on the straps or belts in contrasting shades. There is no shortage in the collection, dresses with V-neckline, riskier, word of honor versions with long coats or dresses that follow the dictates of the season, when it relates to asymmetrical cuts.


An elegant wedding in Badajoz

Juanma dew and met nearly 13 years ago during a meal in which they attended with their parents. Although that day Juanma spared no dew, she was completely in love with him. Not stop until he got him at his side, he says. And since then they have not separated. After waiting nearly nine years, fate finally made coincide in the same city in order to fulfill the dream of their lives, marry and continue together with their relationship. His was a very CITIZE and many details wedding. They wanted everything to be perfect and unforgettable, for them and for all attendees. You want to know more? We crashed at her wedding.

The couple

For her big day, Rocio chose a dress designed by Roberto Diz in his atelier in Seville. It was very clear that her wedding dress(cheap wedding dresses online) would be sober and simple, but with a special touch that made different. And who better than him. Roberto knew instantly capture your preferences and design love you. It was a reflection of his personality. Bridal shoes, were a model of Uniqshoes pastel color.


For the bridal bouquet, I wanted something very romantic and soft lines. She herself chose the flowers and the fabric that held the bouquet. Clothing Amparo Blanco, one of the most famous florists of Azuaga, Badajoz was commissioned. As unique jewelry, he took the engagement ring he gave Juanma parents, a gift pearl earrings and bracelet his mother gave him to her grandmother in your request. Although at the last moment he could not wear it because the nerves of the moment, the clasp broke.

Hair and makeup Irene Taviel de Andrade was responsible. She captured the simplicity of Rocio quickly and in just a moment proposed the perfect look: a classic bass collected and a very neutral makeup. To complement the hairstyle, she wore a headdress of Suma Cruz. The girls team of Suma Cruz helped a lot with the election since, having regard to the design of the dress, the headdress was what was less clear. I did not want excess reload the bridal outfit and they fully matched with the final choice.
The groom, meanwhile, chose a dress designed and made to measure by Spaniard Pedro del Hierro atelier of shoes and shirt factory.

The ceremony

Juanma dew and were married in the parish of Our Lady of Consolation Azuaga, Extremadura. A church with a lot of meaning for themselves and their families. Also, being so close to their homes, the way it did walking accompanied by the townspeople.


To liven up the ceremony, they had the Municipal Choir of Azuaga accompanied by a piano and a violin. One of the most exciting moments was the entrance of the bride, with the song I’m going to die of so much love, Alberto Iglesias, but undoubtedly the most emotional, reading thanks to the couple spent all family and friends.

The cocktail, banquet and party

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and everyone at the link moved to Medina Bodegas de Zafra. A very charming place, with green areas and lounges keep the essence of their origins. Sayca took care of catering, delighted with the varied dishes of quality. We were clear from the beginning that we wanted a long cocktail(long cocktail dresses), which was special and different at the same time and give importance to this while the guests living more informal and direct way with us. It tells the bride.


Decoration grooms themselves, who wanted to partake of every detail and time, and the team of Bodegas Medina, who captured perfectly the idea they had were commissioned: a wedding full of details, with very romantic air and where all the world feel comfortable. There were many charming corners, from wooden stalls simulating a market to a fun table where guests could take snapshots to leave in the guest book.


Juanma opened dew and dancing with Andres Calamaro version’ll be blown away by your love. The lyrics of the song has a lot of meaning for them because in some way describes their feelings. After dancing with sponsors, danced version of Celine Dion I Drove All Night, we gave everything on the dance floor! After the dance, Planet 80 group took charge of music at the open bar.

To immortalize this day, the couple told the photographers Alejandra Ortiz and Ana Cayuela Encabo and Videos, responsible for video production. They decided on Alejandra and Ana from the outset that met. His work fascinated them and also their treatment and closeness. We are extremely happy with their work, they are pure charm and joy. Regarding the video, they followed very attentive the work of Santiago Cayuela and his team, they loved it. Totally different and with so much emotion that you moved to each of the moments of the wedding day videos. The result is simply stunning.

Theirs was a marriage full of details and special moments. That day we live an emotion that can not be described with words. All irradiábamos happiness. Juanma and I were immensely grateful for each of the people who was there with us. We wanted to enjoy every moment and we got it in spades.

Chauny: classic wedding, simple, fun and without limit?

The Wedding Fair, which recorded nearly 350entrées over two days, allowed couples to obtain valuable information before celebrating their union in one form or another …


Getting married is obviously a strong act for most lovers, but it may also be a "simple regularization" for others. There are various ways of preparing a wedding. We have selected four with the help of exhibitors, Saturday and Sunday at the hall of Chauny.

The most classic


"This is a wedding with fifty guests," said a reporter and photographer. Assuming that it takes "about 100 euros per person," so be able to get out at least a "Note" of 5000 euros. There are options to remember.

"According to the budget of each other, champagne, which remains a key can be taken from the dessert wine of honor, or only at the time of cake," says Marchand Delpech home-Laborie, located in the south department. Similarly, couples are forced to make choices for invitations, decorating the room, the menu, the provision of the professional photographer. "For photos, it can go from 500 to 2000 euros. Everything then depends on what the couple want, "said a regular shots.


Top tip is to have in his entourage, someone who can ensure mission. "We, we already know that the animation of our marriage will be handled by my father. This is already something gained "and says Laura, Chauny.

The Simplest


"It’s been almost twenty years since we live together. It would not bother me to marry just two witnesses. It’s more an adjustment than anything else, "says Pascale eg, mother of two children. This formula is the simplest and least expensive.


"That’s the point of putting so much money for a single day," often argue proponents of this express union. A wedding dress "from 150 euros," alliances "from 79 euros," some fresh here and there and voila. If there are few guests, the wine reception and / or the meal may very well be at home married. This certainly back memories to some …

The more fun


For some, "it arrived by carriage to the town hall and the church"; for others "is to find oneself in an old car." Didier Parise, known as jeweler Chauny and organizer of the Wedding Fair on behalf of the Association of artisans and merchants, is also regularly asked. He, the collector become rare models, transforms into private chauffeur married. "It’s something that appeals. "

The "fun" side, choose a specific theme, linked to the passion of lovebirds. "The theme unions are becoming more frequent. Therefore, wedding dresses are customized for sticking to their tastes, "says Chantal Godain, head of an installed shop" for forty years in Laon. "

The most expensive


So there is no limit. It’s sparkling bubbles at will, "decorations" at the top, ready-to-wear chic … "I can propose alliances to 11,500 euros each, decorated with diamonds all around," says Didier Parise. For the wedding dress, "our most prestigious model is 14,500 euros." Not bad. The price of the menu can also reach record, not to mention all the perks …



As always, the amateur fashion show Wedding Dresses(wedding dresses sydney) constituted at the level of activities, the highlight of the Wedding Fair. "For us, it’s always a bit special moment when one is accustomed to scrolling. There is a princess side that is not unpleasant, "confided Pauline. A sentiment shared by all the girls.

The parade had a special resonance for Vanessa who found herself on stage with his daughter Lilou. From its 3 years, the latter showed some confidence that has been stressed by applause, the audience. This is not all: for the first time, her husband Stevens got caught in the game "I must admit I was a little nervous.. But it’s also a pride parade with his wife and daughter. "This beautiful memory for this family based in Vendeuil was immortalized by Ethan, son. "He preferred to take pictures rather than being on stage. "


The parade was also a first for Jeff, 14. Probably a little stressed, he did well. It must be said that this exercise is not completely foreign to him because his sister, Pauline, continues this kind of benefit for four years. She has not found the arms of his brother, but that does not stop her to give him some advice.

Letizia is wrong with the black and white combination in his first appearance of 2016


VI Felipe and Princess Letizia have chaired this morning the Military Kings Easter like every year. It was the first day of the new year 2016 in which we saw Letizia and, frankly, did not call too much attention betting on such a classic combination as dull. I hope that, little by little, go surprising everyone with more current, colorful and stylish clothes.


To inaugurate the 2016 cabinet Letizia has opted for a long black dress(cheap formal dresses) with side slits. At the bottom we find a stamping design draft revealing the white lining, same color you chose for the black-breasted jacket with color. A dull, sober and unflattering combination but quite elegant.

Look of Kristen Stewart: Still sexy mini dress Chanel in New York!


Kristen Stewart not idle! After being honored, the former Twilight star visited the National Board of Review Awards Gala 2016 in New York. For the occasion, the beautiful brunette was even more sexy Chanel. Check out her outfit!


Kristen Stewart continues his marathon fashionista! Even if it is with the poster of any movie, the former star of Twilight is requested. Both say that the beautiful brunette has become the toast of New York! Indeed, having been honored and have shown ultra sexy Chanel Clouds Of Sils Maria, Kristen Stewart went to the National Board of Review Awards Gala 2016 which took place in the heart of the Big Apple. For this great event, the 25 year-old actress had started on its 31 and that was saying something! To shine on the gray carpet, Kristen Stewart was honored Chanel as usual. If she threw his sights on a total black look yesterday, Kristen Stewart preferred to play the angelic here.

On Monday, Kristen Stewart was in tuxedos and sexy Louboutin for projecting Clouds of Sils Maria! Also in New York, the beautiful brunette attracted all eyes and the objectives of photographers. Come to the point, Kristen Stewart was the star of the evening. For the National Board of Review Awards Gala 2016, Chanel muse slipped into a mini dress(formal dresses) made in Karl Lagerfeld. This is totally immaculate adorned with embroidery and it also presented a set of transparency. Note that the room came from the Pre-Fall 2016 collection! When it should be glamorous, Kristen Stewart tries all styles. The 25-year-old actress then decided to put on a pair of two-colored mules. Side look beauty, Kristen Stewart adopted the wavy square for a glamorous effect. Valid On!

Rose Wedding Cakes: The most romantic

Do you love roses wedding cakes? We show you the most romantic for you to choose the best for your wedding.


Roses wedding cakes are a real Achilles heel for modern brides(bridal dress), especially for those who want to surround themselves with romantic ornaments and bon ton. The field of wedding cakes today offers a wide range of combinations, but all sweet love pink continue to brides like few others, from the most elegant to the most eccentric models for everyone.

Wedding cakes refined roses



If on the one hand, simple wedding cakes with a white base and decorated with roses, are one of the first choices among brides who want a classic style, models with dusty pink shades soft, pink salmon or why not? more potent, pink are the most successful are having in recent years.


You can make your wedding cake is a refined and bon ton style, but in this case we recommend not choose a cake too big. As you can see in the photo gallery that you bring a first post is dedicated to the wedding cakes sector with a vintage inspiration. We refer to a dusty pink cake decorated with roses basis, lace daisies or other flowers you choose, to be placed on a single floor or, at most, that the cake is three floors.


Sugar pearls and satin flowers will be the most chic for such sweet decoration, while for fall and winter weddings advise you plant flowers or thematic, always based on a dusty pink to make it chic.


Roses cakes can also be decorated with ornaments gold color, hue that blends perfectly with the hot pink, but also white ornaments can give your wedding cake a touch of the smartest.

Wedding cakes rose more eccentric



Wedding cakes with pink basis can be of the most eccentric and striking ways.

For example, wedding(wedding dresses 2016) cakes with butterflies are among the most successful in recent times, with several floors but models based on the shade of pink you prefer to be complete with cascading butterflies or other embellishments to make contrast.


Tarts with several floors are those that best lend themselves to larger ornaments, especially if you put them in cascade mode or cords that surround each floor. In this gallery you will see giant cakes are works of architecture, or more linear models decorated with pink cream strong even fuchsia, or versions of design with a gradient effect as singular.


Saved for 28 years, mother of the bride dress out of the trunk daughter to go to the altar


Family chest, saved the city of Araçatuba, São Paulo, the wedding dress worn 28 years ago gained new life in Campo Grande, in the continuation of the love story of Assisi Sartori. Presented by the aunt and grandmother, the dress took the mother to the altar was lying in bed for Kayth, the daughter, knew. It was love at first sight and in late November was what she used to say "yes".

Kayth is a law student and now husband met at networking site "Badoo". Access it on the network was out of curiosity and to laugh. But it was he who took her to Bruno. Born in São Paulo, the two went through Mato Grosso to dwell in Dourados, a city where they married.

She moved into the state to accompany the brother who was already college here. The first live contact took months, time in which they spoke for messages. Applications, both dating, the marriage did not follow exactly a protocol. After she brought a Burger King sandwich a visit to Ponta Pora, heard of Bruno, "With this, I had to ask her to dating." The answer was not immediate and she asked for a week to think.


In November 2014, in the first year of dating, she said she might have to return to Cuiaba, because the brother would return and she would not be alone. Heard in the middle of the night, it would be up to her to choose the date the next morning.

"I think he will forget, nor will remember this the other day I asked:.? You remember what you told me yesterday he said, then you marry He remembered everything and said ‘can choose the date’?" account Kayth Macleoud Sartori, 20.

Within the wedding plans, the young man had already designed the wedding dress he wanted for himself. And between April and May this year, she was surprised by her grandmother and aunt of the groom. "The aunt of my husband took the hidden dressed, washed in Campo Grande and told me he had an idea. The minute I walked in and saw the dress on the bed and she said experience, I fell in love instantly. The aunt said ‘era your mother in law’".

The only thing changed was dressed in a belt of pearls. The posts used by Claudinéia, mother in law, had been taken earlier. "The rest I used everything. And no one knew at any moment. I was hiding all year. When they asked me, I would send photo of another dress," says the bride.

It took only slightly adjust the skirt, putting an extra tulle and more. The groom knew the dress and Kayth reinforced asking that he was not behind the mother’s old photos, that indeed was a surprise. The bride was free to choose the dress, aunt and grandmother made sure to stress that it would only use if it were the will of her own.


"I cried a lot because it was a responsibility and I was afraid she does not like. It was the wedding dress(mermaid wedding dresses), it was not anyone who could pick up and use," recalls the young. When Kayth came with her father through the door of the church, he saw the mother almost fainted.

"She was shaking so badly. She fell aside so emotional and she was right on the edge, so at first I was not seeing me," describes Kayth. The bride spent the whole time trying to find the eyes of the mother. They knew they would be teary. "When I arrived in the middle of the church, I saw that she was crying …"

Claudinéia reveals that still searches for words to describe what he felt, such sensitivity dressed by the daughter. "I recognized when she was entering, I told my husband and my sister: but my dress and started crying," said Sartori Claudinéia of Assisi, 51.

The mother tried to hold back tears, but could not and did not want to. "It was a thrill I never felt so in my life. I did not expect the gesture she made was a great affection and gratitude," he explains. Claudinéia did not know that the dress had left chest. In the church, the family remembered her dress. "Everyone asked me, but it was not her dress was yes … 28 years …?"

By the time Claudinéia was the bride, chose the model like the retro style. He withdrew that of a French magazine, all income. "I said, you married what she really wanted She told me it was what she wanted most in life because I wanted to have a life like ours, 28 years of serenity was something she really wanted, she chose and who came?.. chest ".



Bridesmaid or godmother? Tips to hit your look


Your best friend is getting married and you do not know what to wear … Sound familiar? It happened to us all sometime. The renowned Spanish designer Matilde Cano leaves us tips to get divine without dying in the attempt.


Mom, sister or friend of the groom or the bride? Attending a wedding and discern the look is a challenge … That sometimes we do not know how to overcome. What is the ideal length skirt? And the right colors? There are many questions we ask when choosing. "Although the protocol is imposed, the first premise is true to our liking. Only in this way desprenderemos the aura of security, essential for elegant ourselves, "he explained Entremujeres the renowned Spanish designer Matilde Cano.

Some tips


-For A wedding day and in the field. The expert recommends without stilettos heels (yes, yes, we promise you can!) And opt for flat sandals. At these events, the ideal is to change the more floaty dress(formal dresses) skinny models. "The unwritten rule remind us that, in the morning, we should not use a length that exceeds the knees, but for a country wedding key skirt to the ankles or light dress is an impeccable choice. As for prints, flowers perfectly accompany this look, "says Cano.


-For A classic wedding. In these cases, it is best to go for neutral tones and away from the fluorine and excesses, and, most importantly, never wear white or total black as allies. The complements? Welcome to the world of headgear, gloves and purses hand: they mark the stamp of our character. Important: we must respect long. We can play with miniskirts, however, we should try not to exceed the extent of the knee, if the marriage is in the morning. Inside the church, keep your shoulders covered. Quiet! The options do not end with the shawl. The designer suggests: "A shawl or a male American can perform this function with distinction. Wink: 20s tread with force. "


-For A lavish wedding. In such event, the black and white are accepted, even better together. All lengths are also valid. And the tacos, the more infinitely better. "Of course, we must always lookearse according to our age and physique. The high waists create endless legs and tight dresses(evening dresses) can make a dramatic silhouette, but eye! do not let them become our enemy, "says Matilde.


Long dresses trendiest and glamorous New Year’s Eve

The ‘long dress for New Year’s Eve will transform you, at least for a few hours, a femme fatale bright.


To shine more of the Christmas lights and possibly rout (with subtle pleasure) any direct competitor, the long evening dresses, everything sparkles, could become the best weapon to impose itself, between a dizzying neckline and a slit breathtaking, as the ‘undisputed and admired queen of New Year’s Eve.


Glitter and sequins, you know, are all the rage and Eve from time immemorial allowing the touch of madness, that note stravagantissima that ferried us from the year old in the new daring - sometimes - even the inosabile (and long dresses, with or without gap, could be a godsend).


A wedding in the center of Madrid

Carmen and Jorge met over ten years ago when both were studying a medical career. Although from the beginning they were together in class, it was not until after completing empowered when they started out. The betrothal was in a beautiful cove of Ibiza, where every year trying to escape to remember that special moment. Theirs was a traditional wedding full of details that love to all attendees. You show it on our website, will you see?


The couple

For her big day, she chose a model Carmen Rosa Clara. A simple dress(mermaid wedding dresses) with three quarter sleeves and fall. A design that went perfectly with her. I decided immediately by this model with lace sleeves and a special back with whom I immediately felt comfortable and like I said one of my best friends is really you ?? ??. He says.


To dress up your feet, Carmen chose a Spanish brand shoes Uniqshoes where you perform the design of your choice. His were blue baby blue that brought a touch of color to your bridal look. As unique jewelry, her engagement ring and earrings Suarez Swarovski discreet. Her bouquet was in green, pink and white somewhat unstructured and loose, as she wanted.


A braid that fit perfectly with your style and headdress of golden tiaras and headdresses sprigs of India, his gift: makeup and hair, Chema Juncos, Oui Brides, who captured the moment what would be your perfect look dealt beauty friends. For makeup, she chose earth tones with a natural finish.


The groom, meanwhile, took a classic navy blue tuxedo Hackett, with a vest with the family tartan, because the groom’s family is Scottish, undoubtedly the main protagonist of his look.


The ceremony

Carmen studied in the school Santa María del Pilar in Madrid and always knew that if I ever married, the ceremony would be there. He came to the church accompanied his father on a Mercedes Ponton old.


The cocktail, banquet and party

The bride and groom were clear from the outset who did not want wedding planner, preferring to organize its link themselves according to their tastes and personalities. Although there was a very special person who was very present in every single detail of the wedding(wedding gowns online), a lifelong friend of Carmen, Calligraphy Viñuela Bego Bilbao. Invitations, waiters, minutes, everything was sitting plan ?? Bego work with design and handmade calligraphy in grays and whites.


After the ceremony, the bride and groom and all the guests moved to link the Hotel InterContinental Madrid, which offered the possibility of a cocktail outdoors while staying in the center of Madrid.

Floral decoration Floreale hotel, which created a very special table centers with some bottles as actors and flowers in pink, green and mauve tones that fit perfectly with the servers handled.


Grooms wanted to have a special detail with some of the family, especially his parents, brothers and witnesses. When they arrived to the banquet prepared in their seats they had a custom packet with the name of each. To them and gave them a bracelet made them twins b4living wood.

At the party she did not miss the sweet Candy bar, by Carmen and a friend, and a photo booth, where people took pictures throughout the night. They also could be printed instantly and they were sticking in the guest book with a dedication.


To immortalize this great day, Carmen and Jorge Alberto told Patricia and We Are Paradise, for the photo report and video. We met through a friend and when we saw their work we had no doubt they would be responsible for making the report, tells the bride.

The bride and groom opened the dance with the song Something Stupid Frank and Nancy Sinatra, a favorite of George.


Anecdotally, the details they had with their guests, tell us and we are both doctors prepare anti Kits hangover almost everyone used the next day after the great feast of the open bar.